An Urgent Presidential Plea: an Open Letter to President Joe Biden


By Franklin Délano López

Former United Press International and The Associated Press  News writer


Dear Mr. President:

There is a dire humanitarian crisis happenning in Haiti. Hunger has reached a catastrophic level Hundreds of Haitians are dying every day because of lack of food. For some they are surviving by drinking water with salt,- the highest level 5, on the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification index, or IPC) – in the capital’s Cité Soleil neighborhood.

According to the latest IPC analysis, a record 4.7 million people are currently facing acute hunger (IPC 3 and above), including 1.8 million people in Emergency phase (IPC 4) and, for the first time ever in Haiti, 19,000 people are in Catastrophe phase, phase 5.

Currently, 65 percent of Cité Soleil’s population, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, are in high levels of food insecurity with 5 percent of them in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Harvest losses due to below average rainfall and the 2021 earthquake that devastated parts of the Grand´Anse, Nippes and Sud departments, are among the other devastating factors, beyond the political and economic crisis.

Increased violence, with armed groups vying for control of the vast and now lawless area of Port-au-Prince, has meant that residents have lost access to their work, markets and health and nutrition services. Many have been forced to flee or just hide indoors. This is fueling migration of Haotians to the United States in unsafe boats.

As you know there are 10 U.S. states with the largest Haitian populations in 2019 are: Florida – 533,409 (2.4% of the state population) [27] New York – 192,007 (1.0% of the state population) [28] Massachusetts – 83,791 (1.2% of the state population) [29] New Jersey – 68,848 (0.8% of the state population) [30] Georgia – 31,669 (0.3% of the state population)

During President Reagan administration a similar humanitarian crisis was suffered in the Dominican Republic. President Reagan took immediate action and sent $6,000,000 dollars worth of corn to the D.R. Please speak to the Presidents of France and Canada to join with the United States to provide urgent food, medicine and other assistance to the Haitian people. Also  request  United State Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield to bring this Urgent matter to the attention of the United Nations Security Council, in order to expedite humanitarian aid to Haiti.


Thank you for your considerations.


May the Force of the Universe Be You and the United States of America




Franklin Délano López

former Director or Ethnic Affairs for the Carter Mondale-Campaign.