An Open Letter to President Joe Biden


Mr. Franklin D. López

PoBox 2300 PMB48

Aibonito, PR 00705

Hon. Joseph Biden

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

This open letter follows up on my previous private communication on the pandemic of government corruption in the territory of Puerto Rico. You have been extremely diligent and sensitive in expediting assistance in approving the multiple requests of declaration of a disaster and catastrophic declaration in order to mobilize Federal assistance. But at the same time, I know that you want to make sure that every penny of taxpayers’ contribution goes to assist a needy family and not to government waste and corruption. A strong oversight must be in place in the assignment of Federal disaster aid, especially in the reconstruction of the electrical power grid. The estimate prepared of $ 1,000 million is inflated and should be carefully reviewed before any allocation is made.

In my private letter, I recommended that you speak to the Attorney General of the United States, Judge Merrick Garland in order to enact, write and recommend to the Federal Supervisory Fiscal Board a series of strong and practical measures in order to eradicate governmental corruption. The idea is to prevent corruption rather than prosecute it. Implementing the measures recommended will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. I have been promoting anti-corruption measures in Puerto Rico since 1980 and even presented legislation by petition with no success. The reason the corrupt’ goats are addicted to the corruption lettuces’ and they pay no attention to the citizens’ requests to prevent them from eating the whole patch. The Local FBI San Juan Office and the U.S. Attorney’s office, together with other Federal law enforcement agents are doing an outstanding job with the scarce resources at hand in investigating, prosecuting, and applying the Rule of Law to those who failed the public trust. Therefore it is more efficient and faster to use the Federal Supervisory Fiscal Board which has the power to enact legislation in an expeditious mode to address the corruption pandemic.


1- Any citizen running for public office, or appointed to any branch in the executive or judiciary shall submit a compilation of his personal financial statement, presenting verifiable financial information. The citizen shall submit annually a public personal financial statement, presenting verifiable financial information. and as long of her or his tenure in office. After finishing his or her duties in office the public servant shall present a final personal financial statement prepared by a licensed Certified Public Accountant. The Office of the Comptroller of Puerto Rico shall have the power to investigate and verify the truthfulness of the documents submitted. At the same time if any possible violation is detected the Comptroller of Puerto Rico shall have the powers to file criminal charges and initiate proceedings in the local territorial courts or Federal Courts system.

II- Any government retained contractor, corporation or retained professional awarded of public projects or funds convicted of governmental corruption in any form shall be banned for life from procuring government contracts or business.

III- Any elected official charged and convicted of obtaining illegally, any donations for campaign purposes shall be banned for the life of running for any elected position in the territory.

IV- Family members, including spouses, will not allow to work or be contracted at the elected

official office or in any government agency.

V- Any elected official or appointed executive branch official shall participate in a mandatory anti-corruption educational program prepared by the Office of the Comptroller, The local Department of Justice, and The United States Attorney’s Office.

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Letter to President Joseph Biden

Mr. President, I know how conscious you are of the transparency in the use of government funds.

The matters regarding conflict of interest and corruption in the territory of Puerto Rico cannot be taken lightly. I also recommend that you instruct the Secretary of Energy to appoint a senior federal officer to oversee and supervise the reconstruction of the power grid of the territory. There are many red flags of conflict of interest between the current operator of the power distribution grid and members of the Puerto Rican government

This, Mr. President is an urgent matter, please take it as the last plea of a concerned citizen that has defended the rule of law in our Nation and territory.

Thank you for being so sensitive to our people’s aspirations and needs,

See you in the campaign trails,


(signed digitally)

Franklin D López

former State Democratic Chair and former Director of the Carter-Mondale Ethnic Affairs Campaign

CC: Vice-president Kamela Harris

Mr. Jake Sullivan

Ms. Susan Rice