By Franklin D. López, former United Press International and The Associated Press News-writer.

Our Nation is at crossroads in terms of the state of our national values and principles. The absence of an expeditious process to neutralize those who pretend to weaken the foundation of our democracy by curtailing the sacred right to vote is extremely dangerous! According to the Brennan Center for Justice, Between January 1 and June 21, at least 17 states enacted 28 new laws that restrict access to the vote.  The United States is on track to far exceed its most recent period of significant voter suppression — 2011. By October of that year, 19 restrictive laws were enacted in 14 states. As of June 21, 17 states enacted 28 new laws that restrict access to the vote. With some state legislatures still in session, more laws will certainly follow, which we will track in the next roundup later this year.

The GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln and has decided to dump his historical legacy as the emblematic champion of equality and justice, with the objective of creating a framework to control and manipulate the electoral process. The Biden-Harris administration has been extremely passive in avoiding exercising a strong policy of neutralizing the culprits and the leaders of the January 6, 2021 insurrection at the Nation’s capitol. Former Vice-president Mike Pence has become a national disgrace by adopting a convenient political posture not to antagonize the former president Donald J. Trump’s white supremacist followers. The unpatriotic behavior of the GOP’s congressional delegation in not allowing the increase in the debt ceiling in order to maintain the government operating and blocking the  American Job Plan proposed by President Biden is simply crossing the line in putting our National Security in jeopardy when China has incredibly advanced both militarily and in high technological initiatives.


The American Job Plan defined by the Biden Administration seeks to reconstruct the Nation’s infrastructure “The United States of when we rank 13th when it comes to the overall quality of our infrastructure. After decades of disinvestment, our roads, bridges, and water systems are crumbling. Our electric grid is vulnerable to catastrophic outages. Too many lack access to affordable, high-speed Internet and to quality housing. The past year has led to job losses and threatened economic security, eroding more than 30 years of progress in women’s labor force participation. It has unmasked the fragility of our caregiving infrastructure. And, our nation is falling behind its biggest competitors in research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and training. It has never been more important for us to invest in strengthening our infrastructure and competitiveness, and in creating the good-paying, union jobs of the future.”

The damage done by Trump the GOP leadership and his hollow minds followers to the global standing of our Nation as the lighthouse of democratic values and principles needs to be moved up in the national discussion agenda. We the people need to address the reconstruction of our global standing as the foremost nation in receiving immigrants and provide shelter and support to refugees of dictatorial and corrupt regimes. The actions taken by some staffers of the Homeland Security Department persecuting Haitian immigrants in Southern Texas need to be addressed with a decisive condemnation and prosecuting those responsible for this inhumane treatment of refugees from a country plagued by governmental corruption and human rights abuses. We must remember that the United States for decades was in bed with former dictator Francois Duvalier. If the UnitedStates wants to restore it’s reputation as the lighthouse of democracy and liberty it must address and amend the following passed and or present damaging policies:

1) The Federal government must liberate itself from the grip of the Military-industrial complex. During the past 30 years, it has cost the Nation more than 10,000 lives of young American servicemen and women and two trillions dollars.

2) The Federal government, particularly president Biden and the Congressional Democratic leadership must adopt a firm and strong policy of zero tolerance with those who attempted a coup de’ “etat” on January 6, 2021. President Biden has the compelling obligation to defend the Constitution and the democratic foundations of the Nation. “No more Mr. Nice Guy”, Mr. President”. Be firm and strong. Those states responsible for adopting laws restringing the sacred foundation of the right to vote must pay by reducing Federal assistance. The culprits and co-conspirators must be prosecuted. Adopting a soft hand will encourage them to try again in 2024. The nation’s national security and international standing are at stake!

3) We must open our border to refugees fleeing corrupt and undemocratic regimes, including our Haitian brothers and sisters.  Haiti was the second colony in the Americas to become an independent Nation. The appalling incident in Texas where Homeland Security agents on horses were “hunting for Haitian refugees carrying food for their loved ones is an image the product of the supremacist policies of the Donald J. Trump administration and not from  a democrat administration. The personnel responsible for this must be removed and fired from office. If the United States wants to repair the many errors of judgment made in the name of national security, it must support democratic regimes and avoid going to bed with dictators and abusers of human rights. Is the right thing to do if you want to restore the value of the “lighthouse of Democracy, liberty, and equality.”


4) The Biden Harris administration must put an end to the colonial regime in the territory of Puerto Rico and eradicate discrimination, segregation, and inequality. American citizens from the territory because of the colonial regime has been forced to leave it and move to the states of the union, where two-thirds or 5.3 million of the 8.4 million American citizens of Puerto Rican heritage are currently living. This in itself is a violation of basic human rights. In 20 years the territory of Puerto Rico has lost 500,000 inhabitants. After hurricanes, Irma and maria Puerto Rico lost 300,000 people. Colonialism must end. Just review the experience of Hawaii, when it entered the Union on January 1, 1959, it had 442,000 people in 2015 it had 1.444,000. It cost the U.S taxpayers Twice as much as in Puerto Rico to provide government services in the 50 states of the union. The solution to uniting American citizens from Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico is statehood. This will strengthen and stabilize the economy. Besides The colonial regime pays more Federal taxes than 6 states of the union according to an article published in The Economist on August 1, 2011.


5) No more wars and “nation Building policies. Those who ignore and do not read history commits its mistakes. Learn from the experiences of the British, French, Belgians, Russia, and their foreign territories. You must exhaust diplomacy and peace initiatives. Departing Afghanistan was the right thing to do after 20 years, thousands of young American servicemen and women lives and hundreds of thousands of civilians, and more than a trillion taxpayer dollars lost in the wind.

6) The White House Congressional staff must learn “how to play hardball” with the neo-nazi Republican minority. They must read Robert Caros’ Book on Lindon B. Johnson. Begin with “the Path to Power”.