by Franklin D. López- former United Press International and the Associated Press news-writer.


Barry Strauss has a website that I read a lot: “Leadership lessons from ancient history.” Man has ignored the lessons from history and those who do not read history are condemned to repeat the same mistakes of the past. It happened to Alexander the Great.  This is what Barry Strauss wrote on December 2, 2009: “We fight wars with men – and with ghosts. When it comes to haunted battlefields, Afghanistan is second to none. It is known as the “graveyard of Empires!” The specters stretch backward from the Soviets, who failed in Afghanistan in the 1970s, to the British who suffered there in the nineteenth century, and all the way to Alexander the Great, who conquered Afghanistan long ago but at a terrible cost, 30,000 lot their lives in the process of war. Fine books by Steven Pressfield and Frank Holt have recently examined “Alexander’s Afghan War” – a conflict, as some say, that was the original quagmire. And Alexander was one of the greatest generals in human history. Who are we to surge 30,000 more troops into the graveyard of the great?”

The military-industrial complex has no loyalty except thei “deep pockets” filled with billions of dollars and the blood of our young soldiers who died in swamp fields of Vietnam and/or the desert mountains of Afghanistan, at a cost of 130,000 civilians and almost two trillion dollars from the alliance set up to fight Alcaeda and world terrorism, of the industrial complex oligarchs!   The United States intelligence infra-structure must be review at its foundations. It failed terribly!  What happened this weekend in Afghanistan is absolutely unacceptable to the allege superpower of the United States. The Biden administration is not solely responsible for the disaster in Kabul!  On June 23, 2011, President Barack Obama announced the reduction and departure of USA troops from Afghanistan. Trump reduced the military presence from 15,000 soldiers to 2,500, sending the signals to tha Taliban that5 the superpower was abandoning Afghanistan. the Taliban were waiting for the moment and Trump gave it to them on a silver platter at Doha. It was a signal that the Taliban used to plan a military offensive that would lead to the fall of Kabul

Who can forget the fall of Saigon in 1975 and it’s parallel to the fall of Kabul on August 16, 2021. See:  The United States policy of Nation-building after intervening military in any country must be reviewed! The USA should consider using its military might not for nation-building but to engage the enemy and destroy its capabilities of warfare and to destroy its capabilities to fight. History has shown us that the Chinese tried to control the Mekon Delta’s agriculturally rich lands. the French tried as well and failed. The USA with its Military might and cash-rich thought that they could buy the enemy’s consciousness with the U.S.A. dollars. When a young man took a grenade and embraced the US. Soldier to kill both, that in itself was a very strong message to re-evaluate the involvement in the Vietnam war.

The USA military and intelligence apparatus that failed in Vietnam and in Afghanistan must be reviewed,  and President Biden must consider appointing a 911 style commission to do that endeavor and,  to begin, it should read and review the history of the failures of the British empire in Asia, the Middle East and Africa that failed in the 19 and 20th centuries. I am saddened and my sympathies are with those American Veterans, thousands of young lives who responded to our Nation’s call to fight for democracy and freedom but instead were fighting to enrich the few of the Military and industrial complex with 20 years, of “nation-building” that was a total disaster. Twenty years and thousands of American lives a civilian lives.

A trillion dollars from the United States and the balance, of billions of dollars paid by the allied nations, part of the effort in trying to liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban. After 20 years of war that cost more than 130,000 lives of the Afghan civilian population, Kabul fell to the Taliban.   Our soldiers were told to fight in Afghanistan, for freedom and democracy. And that they did it with honor and valor,  only to find out later that they were doing so, to enrich those holding stocks in the companies that are part of the military complex. It  was a Republican president, and Supreme Commander of the allied forces that won the Second World War, Dwight D. Eisenhower, who warned the nation in his farewell speech about the fatal powers of the military-industrial complex to our democratic way of life: See his full speech here: HTTP:

Finally, if public elected officials do not read history they will commit history’s mistakes. Let see if our territorial leaders will learn the lessons of the past!