By Franklin D. López

Fomrer United Press International & the Associated Press news-writer.

After the disastrous four years of the Donald J. Trump administration the Unietd States new government come on January 20,2020 must consider a matter of National security the restoration of trust, prestige with our traditional allies in the International community. The Trump administration destroyed what took many years of intensive work. Durinf his four years in office Trump ha used the powers of the presidency to make a series of highly controversial foreign policy decisions such as the withdrawal from The Paris Climate Accord, withdrawal of the World Health Organization during the Covid-19 pandemic. Example of this are the damages done by Trump constant attacks to the NATO allies, to Latin America Governments, abandoning the Kurds in northern Iraq, the Palestinian question, falling in love with the ruthless dictator Kin Jung Un and many others.

His close relationship and his secreta conversations with the dangerous Vladimir Putin has been criticized by all the USA intelligence agencies and Congressional leaders.

Obama has an infinite stockpile of resources to be able to restored the trust and relationships with key defense and business partners in the International community. The appointment of Obama will also restored the lost trust of the intelligence Community with the new government Because of the weight of Obama’s International figure. This appointment should be a priority of the Biden Harris administration. Foggy Bottom will shine again with Obama at the helm of the Department of State. It is an urgent matter, it is a matter of National Security.