By Franklin D. López

former United Press International and the Associated Press Newswriter

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In my years as a student of the political processes, I have never seen the meeting of so many and diverse political variables influencing the results of an emblematic presidential election. Not since the year of 1968 There has been such a concentration of  a defining force.  In that year it was The Vietnam War, The collapse of the presidency of Lyndon Baynes Johnson, the cover up of losses of the lost war in Southeast Asia and the lies of the military that “we were winning the war when it was a blatant lie,, the Assassination of Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy and the riots that followed, National and global protest against the war,  the  and the leaks of classified and extremely damaging documents revealing the truth of how bad we were losing in Vietnam. That’s the year the United States as a Nation lost it’s innocence and the began the process of  the reconstruction of democracy in peril.

The year 2020 seems to follow the same pattern, except that the variables changes. The people of the United States were surprised by the many faces and disguises used by President Donald J Trump. At the beginning he clinched to the issue of saving jobs by declaring a commercial & tariffs war against America’s Banker, The people’s Republic of China. It was a very popular issue and he projected effectively that it would strengthen the economy and create American jobs. Trump and later  his white supremacist advisers began a holy war against the so called “liberal media”.

Trump invited Russia’s Foreign minister and the Ambassador to Washington to a private meeting at the Oval Office. That was the spark that lid the fire of the Russian investigation.

The beginning of the path to the Abyss of Donald Trump began when he tried  to derail the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s alleged and now confirmed Russian  intervention in the 2016 presidential election has become the battle royal of raw power against the rule of law. Trump has been known as a “tough” negotiator using intimidation to achieve business and political objectives. He has used it in his dealings with Congress and in his political discourse. Trump has been a fervent student of Robert J. Ringer’s book “Winning through Intimidation.”

James Comey, the former FBI Director, whom Trump fired because he rejected the request of the new president to ignore the Russian involvement with Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and his campaign staffers, is a formidable opponent. Comey was deputy Attorney General under John Ashcroft’s tenure at the U.S. Department of Justice.  While Ashcroft was hospitalized, Andrew Card, George W. Bush’s chief of staff and Alberto González, his presidential counsel, wanted to extend the “Stellar Wind” National Security Agency’s “”terrorist” surveillance program” which Comey refused to approve because he strongly believed was unconstitutional. Card and González had a frame of mind of being loyal to the President and Comey’s loyalty was to the Constitution and the rule of law! A.G. Session has been a strong believer of the rule of law and the Constitution. Now trump wants to fire FBI director, Christopher Wray and Atorney General, William Barr because they refused to conduct Trump request to investigate Hillay Clinton and Jose Biden!

Session assuming the  patriotic duty of defending the institution of the U.S. Department of Justice recused himself from reviewing and decidig the matter of the Russian investigation.

Trump went ballistic when his adviser, Kelly Ann Conway went to the White House residence to inform him of Session’s decision to avoid conflict of interest. He went ballistic like fireworks on a Fourth of July. Sessions days were counted. Trump was told not to fire Session before the midterm election. Trump’s mind was solidly set up to fire this attorney General. Session’s decision would be followed by the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special prosecutor for the Russian investigation

This was totally unacceptable to the new president. At 10:00 AM the day after the mid-term election, the call came into the Attorney General’s phone. The New York time wrote a in depth article on the matter and said “Session was meeting with his aides in the fifth floor of the Departmen of Justice when one of them told the General, “chief of staff, John Kelley is on the line.” The New York times article quoted Session asking  Kelly if he could at least hold off until the end of the week. Kelly immediately that he he could not; it was either resign now, or await a presidential tweet. So Sessions’s communications director pulled out her phone and tapped out a statement from the notes she prepared the day before, just in case. “Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. President,” it concluded. Two aides grabbed it off the printer and carried it to the West Wing.- source: The NY Times.

That was the beginning of the road to a total “meltdown”. I mentioned at the beginning of this commentary the the differences between 2020 and 1968 were the great differences in the content of the variables. When CIA director, Gina Cheri Walker Haspel when to The White House at the end of December to brief the President n the most pressing issues of the day on his presidential briefing, including the Covi-19 threat.. Again the New York Times, reported on January26, 2020 that Trump does not read his daily intelligence report. He later  blame his intelligence advisor for not warning him about the impending Corona Virus pandemia.Trump dismantled the Federal structure established by President Barack Obama to deal with the Ebola pandemic in order to fast track an orderly response of any pandemic threat to the Nation. The late response of Trump to the Covi-19 at least cost the Nation more than 30,000 lives according to health experts. and now the covid-19 pandemic is out of control!  The withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization added toxic fuel to the fire.

Even his principal Health advisors are expressing that the Covid-19 pandemic is out of control, Trump has  adopted a Hitlerian attitude of “the virus that he blieves without any fundamentals that  will eventually disappear like a “presidential magic act” and we are winning the Covid-19 war” when all the stastistic and data indicates the opposite. The U.S. has now confirmed more than 8,889,577 COVID-19 cases and 230,510 related deaths, according to Worldometer, which is tracking COID-19 statistics.  the U.S. logged a record 57,236 new cases. And yesterday (July 4), the country recorded 80,000 new COVID-19 cases last satusrday. Source “live Science” The Power of Nature has tiny Trump future in her hand.

The Washington Post reports that there have been more than 70 Federal courts decisions against the policies of the Trump administration. It has been a patriotic duty of Federal judges to defend the Constitution of our Nation. Simultaneously after the assassination of George Floyd on May 25, 2020  the hashstag # BlackLivesMatter spread like wild fire through out the Nation and the Planet as a result of the insensitivity of a President that totally lost its’ North. It became a global movement like the Vietnam War in 1968.

GOP politicians have begun the natural political process of distancing from the Trump-20 virus. The fiasco and failure of Trump’s campaign plans in the middle of the protest in Oklahoma. The photograph of Trump returning to The White House projected a dysfunctional government beset by denial as the corona virus spreads through out the Nation as anticipated by Dr Anthony Fauci, the Federal government principal advisor of the Covid-19.

Even the military establishment has abandoned its Commander in chief, when the Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff apologize to the Nation for being in a photo opp with Trump at a church neat to Lafayette Park in Washington. What is sad is that Trump does have the capability of piloting a plane and parachute in Russia like Rudolph Hess did after seeing the writing on the wall of Adolf Hitler’s madness and the Germany on the road to loose the Second World War..  One public opinion poll may be wrong but all not! Trump sees the writing on the wall and he wiIl become more incoherent and ballistic, incoherent and irresponsible, putting our National security on the line. Be ready to see supremacist militia patrolling polling places in key battaleground state to intimidate voters. Its is time for the Deep state to re-act! tI is most likely that the American People will not fail in giving him a free ticket to Moscow on November 3, 2020 so he can “morally live”, with his mentor Vladimir Putin, who promoted a bounty program with the Taliban, for killing  any  of our men and women serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan! Trump silence on this is a clear act of TREASON!