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By Franklin D. Lopez

Former UNited Press International and The associated Press writer

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It is disturbing to read the shameful statement of the Trump administration in response to the complaint filed by former governor Pedro J. Rossello denouncing the colonial segregationist and discriminatory regime imposed by the United States on the 3.3. million American citizens residing in the territory since 1898. The Trump administration’s response was that if American citizens who have voted twice supporting statehood want equality they could move to any of the 50 states of the Union. Adding insult to injury, the official statement added “there is no consensus on the Island on the status issue.”  The statement does not address the fact that the U.S. Congress and the executive branch have neglected and denied, for more than 120 years, legislation to enable a FEDERALLY sponsored and binding referendum in order for Puerto Ricans to exercise the universally recognized human right to self-determination. This travesty of a statement must be addressed by all Puerto Rican civic, religious, and elected  officials to aggressively organize the 5.5 million American citizens of Puerto Rican descent in the 50 states of the Union and register them to vote.  This number is growing rapidly  due to the massive population exodus post Hurricane Maria and will change the national political landscape in battleground states as well as determine who will control Congress after the mid-term elections. The time has come for us to “Speak softly and carry a big stick!”.



The Puerto Rican Equality movement and struggle must adopt a new strategy structure to hit those sensitive nerves of the Washington Political establishment.We must bring our demands for  political equality in the World Stage scenario. Even though the United State did not sign the International Criminal Court treaty. Puerto Ricans leaders must seek the support and assistance of Latin American countries in order to initiate proceedings before the International Criminal Court.The Spanish Government should support similar initiatives in the European Community Commission, before the United Nations and other international community organizations.  The mere fact that 66%  or 5.5  million of 8.8 millions of Puerto Ricans have been force to migrate to the 50 state of the Union  looking “for the pursuit of  Happiness Is in itself a crime against humanity.



But we must not loose our focus that the main objective is to organize electorally by registering and supporting those candidates committed to put an end to the World’s longest colonial regime.Creating the Equality Political Action Committee is a very important step.The fuel that moves Wshington’s political machinery, both the Democratic and the republican is  financial resources. Without it the Equality agenda will not be a  to move forWARD an inch or listed as a priority.We must learn the lessons of the civil Rights movement of African Americans, the lesson by late comers to the Union like Cuban Americans and how the Jewish lobby operates and works like Swiss watch in  defending Israel’s interests!



The appalling statement by the Trump administration before the Inter American state Human Rights Commission was insulting condecending and racist. Imperial governments have paid reparations to their colonies in the past. We do no seek money or material reparations. We do seek EQUALITY as a reparation to rebuild the sole of more than 3.3. million American citizens  whose souls have been shattered by 120 years of segregation and discriminatory policies forcing 66% of the population to migrate toe continental United States. The Time to Act is NOW!

The time to act is NOW!






4 thoughts on “The Reparation for Puerto Rico is EQUALITY!”

  1. Excellent facts, analysis and conclusions. We are in agreement. What needs to be done at a national level is crucial. We need a referendum authorized and supported by Congress. Locally there an need to inform, educate and organize statehooders to become more active. I will support the creation of Curriculum to teach and prepare leaders. We should not support those who do not attend or qualify or do not become engaged to teach and mobilize their communities

  2. Agreed…but if local leaders don’t know how to
    Do it and continue to make diagnostics but not
    Results, lets subcontract our fight to others more
    Capable to defend us from the actual statu quo
    Abe Linkewer

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