Charlie Black: The Messenger of Segregation

By Franklin D. López
Writer, Journalist & Political Prisoner

Spring is here! Washington, D.C. is getting ready for its Japanese Cherry Blossom to bloom! Unfortunately its perfume will be diluted by a cast of characters that get paid millions of dollars to promote “special corporate interest” or outdated and archaic political ideas for an usual garden variety of clients from dictators; mass murderers and democratically elected governments. One such character is Charlie Black the son of an American icon child actress Shirley Temple-Black who served as a U.S. Ambassador in Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

I met Charlie Black in a meeting during the transition of Governor-elect Pedro Rosselló. He came to San Juan, Puerto Rico trying to secure a generous lobbying contract by the outgoing Popular Democratic Party administration of Rafael Hernandez Colon. In his plea to retain his juicy contract Charlie Black promised to be loyal to the cause of political equality through statehood. Governor Rossello decided to cancel his services. Since then Charlie Black became the worst enemy in Washington, D.C. of the equality cause through statehood. Charlie Black has been a GOP lobbyist and a senior officer in presidential campaigns.

In his last major political role Charlie Black was Senator John McCain’s chief political advisor in the 2008 Presidential campaign. John McCain, an American military hero of the Vietnam War, who was captured and tortured, was forced to fire him during the presidential electoral campaign. The reasons for McCain firing Charlie Black were the following:

1) As a lobbyist Charlie Black represented in Washington, D.C. the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos who killed thousands of political opponents in the Philippines and looted the country’s meager wealth.
2) Charlie Black also represented Zaire’s Mobuto Sese Seko, who plundered the country’s wealth, jailed protesters, and executed adversaries
3) Charlie Black made millions representing rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, a mass murderer, who covered Angola with landmines.
4) Please see: for more information.

Today, Charlie Black is making millions as a lobbyist for the territorial and colonial regime of Puerto Rico. Charlie Black represents the Popular Democratic Party government, an opponent of the Puerto Rico GOP affiliate. As the chief lobbyist Charlie Black has the task of derailing any effort that may put the 3.6 millions American citizens on the path to political equality. The GOP traditionally has been the National party supporting statehood for Puerto Rico. In fact every single GOP president since Eisenhower has done so. Please see:
The gospel of Charlie Black in Washington, D.C., specially within the GOP waters where he swims is: “If you allow Puerto Rico to become a state you will be admitting a democratic state, electing democratic Congresspersons and Senators.” His second gospel is “Puerto Ricans are poor and cost U.S. tax payers billions.” Let’s dismember Charlie Black’s gospel lies:

a) In 2008 Luis Fortuño, a republican statehood candidate for governor, was elected with the largest margin of voters in Puerto Rico after Luis Muñoz Marin, 220,000.
b) The Speaker of the House, Jenniffer Gonzalez, is a GOP active member
c) The Mayor of San Juan elected 3 times, Jorge Santini-Padilla is a card carrying member of the GOP
d) The Senate President from 2009-2012 a GOP activist.

The first part of Charlie Black’s gospel a blatant lie.

Regarding the cost of Puerto Rico to U.S. tax payers the GOP should know that Puerto Rico pays more Federal taxes than Alaska; Vermont; Montana;Wyoming; South Dakota and North Dakota


The present territorial and colonial condition has failed and it causing the most impressive and massive population exodus to the United States. In the last year, according to the U.S. Census, 214,000 has moved to battleground states like Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Those who know the components of presidential politics are aware of the implications of that population shift. Charlie Black’s second lie!

The significant flow of Latin American population in South Florida, brought during the 80s, 90s, 2000s and still today, extraordinary capital investments and jobs creation. The same will do for the 50 states of the Union in Washington, D.C. sends a clear message of Latin America of admitting a Hispanic state. Latin America has a $7 trillions a year market that will generate hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in investment using Puerto Rico as a bridge. Sending the wrong message of derailing equality will leave Latin America to China’s “Open Wallet Policy” weakening our National security. Don’t send the wrong message to Latin America!

Ronald Reagan was very clear and strong in his message supporting political equality for the 3.6 millions American citizens. He said “diversity is our strength!” Since the granting of the American citizenship more than 275,000 served the Nation with honor and courage in global conflicts defending the freedoms and liberties denied to them. The growth of political parties is to attract people to their ideology and objectives. The GOP has the choice to reaffirm Reagan “diversity is our strength” policy. EQUALITY is the essence of liberty and freedom. The People of Puerto Rico has democratically spoken in favor of equality by a margin of 61%! Don’t let Charlie Black, a messenger of segregation, poison your minds with a dark message. Abraham Lincoln once said: “those who denied freedom to others deserve it not for themselves!” EQUALITY NOW!